Diet Secrets of the Stars

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Diet Secrets of the Stars

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Celebrities belong to the world of ‘glamour.’ People go crazy over their favorite celebrity’s movies, cars and even family pictures. The world of glamour might look beautiful but it surely gives our celebrities a hard time. Our stars have to work very hard to keep their bodies toned up, to keep their faces young and to keep their charm intact. Every celebrity has some diet secrets! Here is a list of some famous stars and their diet secrets. Let’s see what all these celebrities do to stay in the list of our favorite and the most beautiful people on earth!


It seems like Madonna’s charm doesn’t grow old with her age. Best known as the ‘Material Girl,’ Madonna surely has a body to die for. She has always confidently flaunted her curves that don’t seem to fade away with the years passing by. Madonna has become an inspiration for young people all over the globe. Now let’s find out what is the secret of her perfect body. Madonna maintains her body with the help of Ashtanga Yoga. She has almost shunned junk food and follows a strict diet. Madonna is one of those first few people of the glamour world who are following macrobiotic eating plan. She consumes organic foods and lean protein.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer gained fame right after the incredibly popular television show named, ‘Friends.’ She made people go crazy over her phenomenal looks depicted in the show. She mesmerized men, women, kids and elderly with her innocence and charm. Her adorable charm, famous hairstyles and amazing comic timing helped her enter the world of fame forever. Considered as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood, Jennifer consumes 40 lean proteins to stay beautiful. Her meals comprise of macronutrients that helps her body to strike a balance between hormones and weight loss. To be precise, Jennifer’s diet includes fish, beef, low fat dairy products, turkey and Tofu along with foods having essential fats. She also consumes seeds, olive oil and nuts.

Daniel Craig

Well, after knowing the diet secrets of the two very popular female stars, it is now time for Daniel Craig! The name is enough to make some young girls bounce with joy. This heart-throb actor mesmerized the world with his well built body in the flick Casino Royale. He keeps his Cardio minimum which is three days a week. His focus is heavy weight training followed by rest and then workout at the gym. Daniel consumes whole foods including rice, vegetables, lean meats, whole-grain bread etc. He likes to stay away from alcohol, refined sugar, chips, soda, candies, fried food etc. His meals are a balance of healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein.

Kristen Stewart

The popular Twilight Saga actress gave up alcohol recently. She stays beautiful by consuming only low calorie food. She follows a diet that’s rich in protein and low in calories. She loves pies! She prefers to just prepare pies for her friends nowadays and not have those sweet temptations herself! We’ll be sharing some super pies with the most natural ingredients soon.


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