Using Laxatives during Weight Loss

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Laxatives for Weight Loss

Laxatives For Weight Loss. Which ones are the best for losing weight? Are they safe?

Using Laxatives during Weight Loss

Years have gone by and the world has been introduced to several weight loss programs and pills. Weight loss programs involving fat burning pills have a notorious reputation in some countries. This is because of the side effects these pills are known for. Another weight loss program that people have started using nowadays is having laxatives! Yes, this is not an actual weight loss program but it used as one and is popular amongst celebrities. It is considered to cause easy weight loss for women. A lot of people have mixed opinions of this way of losing weight. Here are some consequences of using laxatives during weight loss or of using them as weight loss supplements.

Frequent bowel movement

People who consume laxatives for weight loss complain of frequent bowel movement. Laxatives obviously act as a cleansing agent and flush off everything from the inside of your body. A lot of people can’t control their bowel movement at public places. This can be a matter of embarrassment when you are with someone in a restaurant because you might need to use the restroom several times in two hours if you are on laxatives.

Lack of nutrition

People who consume laxatives often feel lethargic as the laxatives flushes of vitamins, essential fats, calcium, minerals etc. from the body. Laxatives can also mess up the electrolyte levels of your body. A lot of people on laxatives have been diagnosed with malnutrition. They tend to eat whatever they want and then throw away everything out of their system in form of waste. This deprives their body of the essential nutrition it needs.


Depending on the amount of pills being taken and the course of time period they are being taken from, laxatives can cause diarrhoea. There have been cases where people using laxatives got admitted in hospitals due to extreme diarrhoea.

Rectal bleeding

Too much consumption of laxatives or consumption of laxatives for a very long period of time can cause rectal bleeding. This is caused by frequent diarrhoea and bowel movement.

Laxative abuse can lead to irregular heartbeat, dizziness and a lot of other health issues. You may consider laxative abuse as one of the easiest fast weight loss tricks but it is not as healthy as it is considered to be. The best way to lose weight is to consume healthy weight loss food and to work out regularly. So, it is better to be patient and to work hard instead of considering laxatives as one of those quick weight loss products.

As an alternative to using laxatives, try using a once a month colon cleansing either at a clinic or pharmacy recommended cleanse. Always consult your doctor before commencing any weight loss programs.


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